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As a full-service Mercedes-Benz dealership, Mercedes-Benz of Wilsonville is dedicated to excellence in all aspects of the business. This quality of service also applies to our certified Mercedes-Benz tire center in Wilsonville, Oregon, where we make it easier than ever for you to find the right tires and keep them in great condition. Backed by a team of certified Mercedes-Benz mechanics, you can count on our Mercedes-Benz tire center for all of your tire care needs. From tire pressure checks and alignments to balancing and more flat repairs, we have you covered. Proactive tire service and repairs from Mercedes-Benz of Wilsonville will go a long way toward extending the lifespan of your luxury vehicle’s tires, but the inevitable moment will also come when it’s time to purchase a new set. When that time arrives, you can rely on the guidance and expertise of our skilled technicians to help you make the right choice for your driving habits and preferences. Your tire choice matters, as does your tire care. At Mercedes-Benz of Wilsonville, we do everything we can to simplify and streamline these processes so you can get back to enjoying the top-of-the-line driving experience delivered by your Mercedes-Benz vehicle.


Improve Your Ride with New Tires on Your Mercedes-Benz

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What Are the Benefits of Tire Service and Replacement?

Whether you’re commuting into the city or embarking on a Pacific Coast road trip, your tires play a crucial role both in your vehicle’s performance, as well as your safety. Choosing the right tires and being proactive with maintenance plays a key role in optimizing all of your drives, and Mercedes-Benz of Wilsonville is here to help. Our experienced team will identify early signs of premature tire wear, balding, or damage, any of which can compromise your safety on the road by increasing the risk of a blowout. It’s also important to keep an eye out at home for signs of uneven or irregular tire wear so you can catch and address the underlying cause of the issue before it’s too late. Oftentimes, irregular wear patterns are a result of improper alignment or tire inflation, both of which can be easily fixed by our Wilsonville, OR Mercedes-Benz tire center. Ready for a new set? From high-end Mercedes-Benz performance tires to versatile all-season tires, we have the tires you need at our Mercedes-Benz tire store. Give us a call or submit an inquiry online to learn more about our tire services or stop by for a quick inspection today!


Advantages of New Tires
Increased Traction x
Smoother Handling x
Quieter Ride x
Increased Safety x
Better Gas Mileage x
Lower Risk of a Blowout x
New Tire Warranty x

How to Schedule a Tire Service Appointment at Mercedes-Benz of Wilsonville

From Mercedes-Benz tire service to replacements, you can count on Mercedes-Benz of Wilsonville to have your back. As a certified Mercedes-Benz dealer, we proudly adhere to a higher standard of service from our selection of vehicles to our stellar automotive service and repairs. To take care of crucial tire maintenance in Wilsonville, OR, schedule an appointment via our online scheduling tool or by calling our service center. We look forward to your visit and are thrilled to help you care for your luxury vehicle.


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